EmuWing needed a site to clearly and simply advertise their unique 4x4 window replacement kits. We integrated multiple payment systems namley PayPal and NAB Transact to enable secure online purchases. A shipping calculator was also integrated to allow accurate calculations based on the customers suburb. If you're looking for unique window replacement kits for your 4x4, EmuWing has you covered.

Kim KillSpeed

Kim KillSpeed an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia wanted a unique, high impact yet minimal design. We delivered fast site matching their branding guide including some nifty soundcloud integration and pinterest style image galleries and show archives.

Your Instrument

YourInstrument is a instrument classifieds website. Designed in Bootstrap 3.0, and responding to mobile and tablet in specialized ways, this website and it's counter part (yourinstrument.com) offers a unique browser experience. A full service backend system, allows users and music stores to manage accounts, create subscriptions, manage listings, sales leads, statistics and much more.

Aaron's Amusements

Aaron's Amusements came to us with detailed requirements for a fully featured site to run their amusement hire business. Encorporating live postcode pricing, availability checker and a fully integrated booking system, all tied together using a customized content managment system. (ProcessWire). Extra's include photo galleries, social media integration and search engine optomisation.

4x4OFFROADCLINIC Ecommerce Store

Opencart was used to allow selling of 4x4 products nationally and internationally. A new theme was built utilizing bootstrap to enable a fully responsive shopping experience, for desktops, tablets and mobiles. Within two weeks of the new site launch, it had generated more sales than the old site had in 15 months. 4x4OFFROADCLINIC continues to perform, selling and shipping goods internationally on a daily basis.

Navigators Case Management Services New Website

We provided a new brochure websites with integrating an easy to use content managment system for day-to-day updates.

Road Signs Australia

We were able to provide RSA (Roadsigns Australia) with a new re-design and development of their existing site. Using high impact colours and layout our goals were successfully achieved in showcasing RSA's extensive road and line marking services in Melbourne.

Stronga Projects


RV Finance Calculator

Signature provided a simple and effective lead generator for RV Finance Calculator.

BeepBoy Mobile Marketing

Beepboy is a mobile website builder. No technical knowledge is required to use the application. Features include PayPal, Statistics and Mobile optomised content. A range of elements can be used including text headings, information boxes, images, pre-defined images, call now buttons, email now buttons, PayPal shopping buttons and much more.

Top Holiday Responsive Web Site

A responsive design was created for a seemless transition between devices. The project included logo design, web design, database development and PayPal integration.

FinanceEzi Mobile Web Site

After a main website re-design, we were commisioned to build the optomized, mobile version for tablets and mobile phones. We created some automatted features to allow single-point content management. Due the the sites simplicity and ease of use, it's now a major lead generation source.

Australian Debt Clock Web Site

We created a series of real-time counters in Javascript, along with a management console to administer the counters. Various other features including CSV processing and flash charting were also used.

Private Dates Web Site

A fully customized member management system was developed, including PayPal integration and some automatted administration features to ensure trouble free operation. We combined this system with a commercial content managment system for blog and article posts, and to allow for future scalability.

Geddes Wines Online Shop

Special shipping rates were required to send goods in bulk quantities, we solved this using a single page checkout and PayPal integration along with customized table-rate shipping.

FinanceEzi Racing Web Site

The Solution

Starting with a fresh new design, we then utilized a fully featured commercial content management system, allowing fine-grain control from Images and Video galleries to, blog and calendar event posts.